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Four Futures of Work
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RSA Action and Research Centre

What does the future of work look like in the UK? Following the RSA Chief Executive Matthew Taylor’s employment review for the Prime Minister, this 2019 report argues that policy-makers need to focus on how automation will transform work, not just result in job losses.

It also acknowledges the impact that rising inequality, growing suppression in the workplace, stagnant wages, heightened discrimination and bias, and deepening geographic division could have on the future of work.

RSA’s The Four Futures of Work presents four very different scenarios or ‘economies’, developed with Arup, and how each would change the way work is carried out.

These are:

  1. The Big Tech Economy (where all technologies develop at a rapid pace)
  2. The Precision Economy (a future of hyper-surveillance)
  3. The Exodus Economy (characterised by an economic slowdown)
  4. The Empathy Economy (a future of responsible stewardship)

By outlining four scenarious for the future of work, potential problems can be identified, discussed and prepared for.

[Edited from RSA website]

March 2019, Benedict Dellot, Rich Mason and Fabian Wallace Stephens

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