Reward Lab

Reward Lab

TR2050 is at the forefront of a transformative journey, challenging and disrupting traditional reward assumptions to discover new models that truly reflect the evolving nature of work.

The future of rewards is an intriguing and evolving topic, encompassing various fields such as economics, psychology, behavioural science, society, technology and future work trends. It raises many questions such as:

How will advancements in technology reshape reward systems?
How will we deliver and receive rewards?
Will virtual reality, augmented reality, or even neurofeedback be used to enhance reward experience?
How will blockchain and cryptocurrencies influence reward programs and value exchange?
What ethical considerations are associated with future reward systems, as reward becomes more personalised, and data driven?
How can we ensure reward systems are transparent and equitable avoiding cognitive biases?
How would universal basic income or other alternative economic models impact traditional reward structures?
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Our mission

TR2050 strives to accelerate the necessary changes in Total Rewards practices to effectively address the rapidly evolving needs of global organisations. The goal is to create a diverse array of innovative approaches, models, and practices that align with the future of work and effectively reward the workforce.

Our process

To achieve our ambitious goal, TR2050 combines reward knowledge and industry experience with academic research and expertise. Our reach includes behavioural science, technology, the future of work and societal transformation. We work with three regional Think Tanks in APAC, EMEA and the USA. Through discussions, TR2050 will reimagine and test reward models to determine efficacy and viability. In this way we will empower organisations to adapt successfully to the fast pace of change in the world of work.

Our community

TR2050 is a collaborative community with a share focus: to design, develop and test innovative models for the future of reward. The group comprises senior global reward leaders, academics, futurists and thought leaders. TR2050 also partners with world-renowned research platforms in the future of work, technology, and behavioural science.

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