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TR2050’s Future of Reward panel discussion in London – Personalisation of Pay

The Future of Reward: Personalisation of Pay

TR2050 interviews Uwe Kilian: “Reward seems to have watched everything else change around it – and just stayed the same”

Welcome to the TR2050 Community, David Buckmaster

TR2050 Annual Report 2023

TR2050’s Future of Reward panel discussion in Zürich with Ben Shenoy, Marc Glaeser, Mariia Lytvyn, Max Paping, Olaf Lang and Fermin Diez

TR2050 interviews Dr Finn Majlergaard: “Stop assuming you know your employee base and simply jumping to conclusions with Reward.”

TR2050 interviews Praveen Gandhi, Kalyani Group: “Reward must be seen in context”

Generative AI: Reward Leaders need-to-know guide

TR2050 interviews Haig R. Nalbantian: “Tap into the data trail to understand how Reward affects your workforce”

The Future of Rewards: Insights from Zurich Think Tank

TR2050 interviews Kumar Kymal, BNY Mellon: “This is our chance to redefine how we approach Reward.”

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