Our Process

Our Process

The Think Tanks create a global menu of new, innovative approaches, models and practices of reward that will complement the future of work and ensure Members are prepared for the challenges of the future. We seek workable, tested models and systems that will serve the reward leaders of the future, no matter what work looks like in 2050.

How it works

TR2050’s work is distinct from traditional discussion-based networks. We actively define, develop, innovate and test new approaches within the research and development platform. The common denominators in our community are a pioneering spirit, the capacity to co-create ideas and solutions and a commitment to building the future of reward.


By defining and exploring the current landscape of total rewards practices and understanding the underlying assumptions, existing methodologies and prevailing trends.
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The initiative then shifts its focus towards discovering future scenarios, aiming to uncover and predict the evolving landscape of total rewards. By exploring emerging trends, TR2050 projects future practices and anticipates the needs and expectations of the workforce and future organisations.
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Using the insights gained from the previous stages, TR2050 works collaboratively to develop strategies and design innovative solutions. This involves creating new approaches and frameworks that align with the changing demands of the workforce and the future of work.


The development solutions are rigorously tested and deployed aiming to bring about transformational changes in total rewards practices. This phase involves implementing pilot programs and initiatives to assess their effectiveness and refine them based on real-world feedback.