TR2050’s Future of Reward panel discussion in Zürich with Ben Shenoy, Marc Glaeser, Mariia Lytvyn, Max Paping, Olaf Lang and Fermin Diez

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In April 2023, TR2050 convened an impactful Think Tank meeting in Zürich, under the guidance of Olaf Lang, Global Head of Reward at Swiss Re. This gathering brought together a diverse array of international Reward leaders, eminent thinkers, futurists and academic minds, collectively addressing the pressing challenges anticipated in the evolving landscape of total rewards.

Across two dynamic days, the event buzzed with illuminating keynotes, vibrant discussions, and immersive workshops. A pivotal virtual session engaged Members from around the globe meticulously dissecting key issues and coalescing around actionable solutions for the future of Reward.

A notable highlight was a riveting panel discussion featuring esteemed TR2050 members. We’re excited to share a video capturing this insightful conversation, showcasing the impactful synergy withing TR2050 and unravelling the complexities shaping the future of Reward.

The panel boasted high-calibre experts: Olaf Lang (Swiss Re), Marc Glaeser (Lonza), Max Paping (LeasePlan), Dr. Fermin Diez (SMU), and Mariia Lytvyn (GFG Alliance), with adept moderation by Dr. Ben Shenoy (LSE). Together, they delved into pivotal issues concerning the future of reward, navigating the evolving workplace, technological frontiers, and the entrenched barriers impeding critical transformation.

This discussion isn’t just an exchange of ideas; it’s a repository of thoughtful insights, unveiling challenges, and sketching the blueprint for a future-proof reward system. Moreover, it vividly illustrates TR2050 in action.

The panel discussion serves as a compelling preview into TR2050’s trajectory as we collaborate to shape the future of reward. Join us in exploring this profound journey by watching the panel discussion now—an ideal and inspiring glimpse into TR2050’s starting point in shaping the future of reward.

TR2050 embodies a forward-looking global research and development platform committed to pioneering innovative systems that redefine total rewards for the future. Thriving across vital regions—APAC, EMEA, and North America—we’re currently immersed in a robust research phase, meticulously collecting data, conducting incisive analysis, and uncovering invaluable insights into the future of work, technology, and reward systems.

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