The Future of Skills: Employment in 2030
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Pearson and Nesta

Recent debate about the future of jobs has mostly focused on the risk of automation, with studies generally minimising the potential impact of automation on job creation while overlooking the other relevant trends, such as ageing populations, urbanisations and the rise of the green economy.

This study uses a novel and comprehensive mixed method approach to map out how employment is likely to change and the implication for jobs and skills. By identifying the skills, abilities and knowledge that are likely to be most important in the future – as well as the skills investments that will have the greatest impact on occupational demand – the authors have provided insights that will prove helpful to educators, business leaders and governments what actions they may take to be better prepared for the bundles of skills, abilities and knowledge areas that will be important for the workforce in the future.

Authors: Philippe Schneider, Hasan Bakhshi, Harry Armstrong, Michael A. Osborne

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