Three Horizons Framework helps consider the future of reward (short version)

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This conceptual model helps direct our thinking as we shape models and strategies fit for 2050.

One of the most useful tools for considering the future – and the journey that connects it to our present – is the Three Horizons Framework. This conceptual model was designed by Bill Sharpe of the International Futures Forum. TR2050 have adopted the model to consider the future of reward. It can help guide effective discussions and inform preparations for the challenges to come for reward.

Using the fundamentals of the model, a short AI-generated video has been created that introduces the Three Horizons Framework and applies it to the area of reward. This animation is based on a TR2050 slideshow and script.

This animation is about 10 minutes and provides a clear and concise introduction to the model and a springboard for thinking about the future of reward. A longer version with more detail and more questions for consideration is currently in development and will be shared on this Blog page in due course.

TR2050 welcome feedback on the animation and sincerely hope this edition will be of benefit as we work with our Think Tank Members to shape the future of reward.

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